Why Bocas del Toro?

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Why Bocas del Toro?

What makes Bocas del Toro such a great place to schedule a haulout and get work done on your boat is the community and island vibes here. The Bocas del Toro islands are made up of 9 main islands and thousands of islets, making it a great place to stay and explore, whether its only for a few weeks or longer Bocas is an awesome place.

The boat yard is located at Almirante on mainland, only a few minutes by boat to the Bocas islands. You could easily stay in the Bocas islands and enjoy the vibes as your vessel is getting serviced, while still being able to come out here and see the progress on your boat.

There are lots of different islands and vibes and each place has rentals, grocery stores and a lively expat community with activities, restaurants, and shopping.

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Isla Colon is the main island and has lots of different options available for rent either in Bocas Town or even in the outer parts of the island. This is the only island in the Bocas archipelago that has roads so you can easily get around, taxis are available all the time while most people get around by bike. In Bocas Town is where you will find many grocery shops with everything you would want as well as restaurants, friendly bars with locals selling ice cold locally brewed beers, a happening night life and transportation available every half hour between Almirante and Bocas Town. Being a lively tourists destination, Bocas del Toro is full of backpackers, nomads, world travelers, retired couples checking out the area as well as a wide variety of tourists from all parts of the world.

Other islands such as Isla Carenero and Isla Bastimentos also offer accommodations such as rentals in town, over the sea bed and breakfasts, and ecolodges a little more secluded but easy to get to by water.

If you’re looking for a place to store your vessel in the Caribbean with a fun happening community don’t miss out on Bocas del Toro.

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